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Amazonas Explorer


We are Amazonas Explorer, the adventure travel specialists in Cusco, Peru. We specialize in finding off-the-beaten-track experiences in the mountains of Peru and creating lifelong memories for our travelers. We have a heavy focus on sustainability and ethical adventure, and we're proud to be a B-Corp, members of 1% for the Planet, and Travelers Against Plastic, to name a few. 

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Peru is a one-of-a-kind country. With so many different places, histories, and cultures to explore there is far more than a lifetime of things to do, and a world of exploration waiting for anyone willing to step up and take it. With some of the oldest complex civilizations in the Americas, wildlife in every corner of the country, and thousands of different cultures to explore, Peru is a rare destination that truly does have something for everyone. Peru was made to explore, and we were made to explore it. 


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Mountain Bike to Manu Rainforest Reserve


Manu Rainforest Reserve is an exceptionally unique part of the world. It stretches from 3800 meters above sea level and winds all the way down to sea level. This incredible change in altitude means that there is a huge range of wildlife and plants to see at any given moment. We've found the absolute best way to explore the jungle is to do it by bike. You cover plenty of ground, and are quiet enough to not disturb the wildlife (it's not uncommon for an entire family of monkeys to cross in front of us), and best of all? The route is completely downhill. 

Hike Waqrapukara 


Waqrapukara is a horned ruin perched on the brink of an incredible canyon. This two-day trek explores a forgotten part of Peruvian history, showing a moment in time as the Incas conquered other local cultures of the area. Waqrapukara is an ancient fortress and lies on an original Inca Trail. This offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to hike on an original Inca Trail without the commitment or technical difficulty of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Plus, some might argue that Waqrapukara actually has better views than the Inca Trail. 

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Rafting the Apurimac


The Apurimac Canyon is made up of several smaller canyons- including the Granite Canyon and the Black Canyon. With rafting suitable for all skill levels and trips ranging from 1 to 4 days, we truly believe that the Apurimac captures the essence of Peruvian adventure as the river winds through incredible sights and exciting rapids. Anyone from beginners to experts can find a line to follow through these rivers and the majesty of the mountains will stay with you for life. 




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