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We believe that true travel is about an authentic, intimate connection with the environment, people and culture; and it’s on this unwavering philosophy that we will build your unforgettable trip to Uruguay. Our carefully curated tours are an inspiring collection of expertly designed routes, incorporating specific themes and experiences to capture the far reaches of your imagination. Whether looking for an indulgent luxury escape, tantalising foodie tour, or adrenalin-packed adventure; we’ll have the perfect trip in mind for you. What’s more, our handpicked hosts will help get under the skin of Uruguay. Each and every one of our guides knows their destination inside out, harbouring a real love for what they do, always thrilled to share their knowledge, passion and infectious enthusiasm with travelling guests.




Uruguay is a small country in South America that offers a unique blend of culture (including music and art), outdoor and culinary activities. The iconic Candombe drumming tradition is an exciting and vibrant part of Uruguay's identity. The country's progressive nature promotes social justice, equality, and human rights, making it a beacon of hope for many. Uruguay's wine scene is world-renowned with the Tannat grape as its premier star producing delicious and robust red wines. The art scene is thriving, with galleries and festivals showcasing contemporary works. Horseback riding, surfing, biking and hiking are popular activities that allow visitors to explore the country's beautiful countryside and coastline. Overall, Uruguay is a hidden gem with a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and outdoor experiences.



Highlights of Active Uruguay


This 10-day itinerary will allow you to fully enjoy Uruguay while staying active! You'll have the opportunity to explore different landscapes by bike, such as the city of Montevideo and the charming towns of Garzón and La Pedrera. Additionally, you'll have thrilling hikes through the dunes of Cabo Polonio and the impressive Santa Teresa Fortress. And to add even more adventure, you can enjoy a peaceful horseback ride along the ocean, lagoons, and beautiful Uruguayan countryside. It will be an unforgettable experience where you can appreciate nature and stay active at the same time!

The Best of Uruguay


This 13-day itinerary will show you the best that Uruguay has to offer. You will begin in the historic city of Colonia, where you will have the chance to try our traditional drink: Mate. Visit Jesuit ruins, explore the rich gastronomy, and enjoy some excellent Uruguayan wines, experience the rhythms of Candombe drumming firsthand, hike through natural landscapes of dunes and native forests, and ride like a gaucho through the Uruguayan countryside.


Highlights & Tastes of Uruguay


Immerse yourself in a delectable journey through Uruguay, where you can savor traditional mate and enjoy exquisite wine and cheese tastings in Colonia. Explore Carmelo's wineries and treat yourself to a mouthwatering lunch paired with exceptional wines. Learn from a prominent winemaker in Montevideo and discover the region's unique wine offerings. Delight in an olive and wine tour in José Ignacio, and conclude your trip with a cooking class and visits to Garzon's wineries, allowing you to fully indulge in the gastronomic delights of Uruguayan cuisine and fine wines.



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