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Cascada Expeditions


We are an adventure travel company that has been providing life-changing experiences for more than 30 years. We offer both soft and demanding excursions throughout Chile, as well as in areas of Argentina and Bolivia. Our experiences encourage deep connections with nature that emphasize an active lifestyle, promote sustainable development of the environment, and create memorable spaces to meet and connect with people. In 2001 we opened the world's first geodesic hotel in Torres del Paine National Park, EcoCamp Patagonia, to connect travelers with nature in a unique way as a model for sustainable travel.




Chile is a thin, yet great country with an incredible diversity of landscapes. Chile has the world's driest desert in the north - Atacama - and the world's third freshwater reserve in the south - the southern Patagonian ice fields. In this land of extremes lay opportunities for adventures with enough power to transform travelers. Here, people can learn the sense of the word "remote" by hiking through the most stunning trails on Earth. Chile also offers a deep cultural immersion with fascinating indigenous cultures, some of the best wineries on the planet and cities full of colors. For us, the potential for adventure travel goes beyond the hiking trails, and we promote the outdoors as a whole, whether it is on a horseback, in a kayak, on a mountain bike or by foot, looking for Chile's spectacular wildlife.


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W Trek


The most popular multiday hike in Torres del Paine National Park, the W Trek features the highlights of Patagonia’s finest national park. Hiking through the French Valley, along Grey glacier or to the towers’ base viewpoint will create memories that will stay with you forever. The W Trek is better experienced with a passionate guide and a spirit of community, by making new friends along the way. We like to mix the connection with nature with the comfort of a cozy, sustainable dome at EcoCamp to make the W Trek even more unforgettable.

Torres del Paine Circuit

The Torres del Paine circuit (also known as “O” circuit) is one of the most stunning trekking routes on Earth. It offers some spectacular views of the southern Patagonian ice fields, granite spires and forests of Chile’s most beautiful national park. It is a demanding multiday hike that offers a wild experience in some of the more remote areas of the park, like Dickson and Perros. It is also the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers while connecting with Patagonia in a raw, epic way.

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Atacama Desert Trek

Marvel at the otherworldly rock formations in the Moon Valley, witness the incredible eruptions of the Tatio Geysers and explore the vastness of Atacama’s Salt Flats. The Atacama Desert trek offers all of that and much more! This one-week hike is the best way to connect with the world’s driest desert while stargazing at night and camping in areas of pure beauty.



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