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We are the Belize Adventure Experts, operating outdoor adventure trips since 1987. Thirty five years ago, we fell in love with this place, its coral atolls, ancient Mayan ruins, limestone caves, amazing wildlife and generous people. Join us on one of our Belizean adventures. We think you’ll fall in love with it too.  Our professional local guides will show you the Belize that no guidebook or internet recommendation can. Island Expedition has a variety of Belize Tour Packages and Vacation Options to fit any group or taste.   




Belize - No Ordinary Destination. Within reach - a still unspoiled wild destination, brimming with life and diversity. Chock-a-block full of national parks, marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, Belize had embraced green initiatives and habitat protection efforts long before Eco became a buzzword. And It’s Our Playground. The 165 mile Belize Barrier Reef System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the longest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. It enfolds seven marine protected areas and three coral atolls under its umbrella. Hundreds of tiny cayes (“keys”, as Belizeans call their islands) and miles of beaches and hidden coves offer world-class snorkeling, diving and fishing.  And it’s all within reach. Within a matter of hours you can travel Inland to the largest remaining tracts of undisturbed rainforest in all of Central America, a treasure-house of tropical biodiversity. Our experience is enriched by the Mayan people who have lived in this land for thousands of years.


Tropical Sea Kayaking.jpg

Tropical Sea Kayaking


Tropical sea kayaking in Belize means crystal clear waters, thousands of coral reefs, extremely abundant and varied marine life, camping on remote and undisturbed tropical cayes and enjoying balmy evenings under the stars. The water temperatures in Belize range from 78f - 80f during the months of December and January, warming to 80f - 82f in February through August.



Belize is renowned for having the richest coral reefs in the entire Caribbean - miles upon miles of shallow protected waters with thousands of patch reefs, ideal for first-time snorkelers.  Undersea walls, spur and groove coral formations and deep water channels provide lots of challenge and excitement for experienced snorkelers. Initially, we enter the water from a beach but as our skill level increases we learn to enter and exit the water from our kayaks enabling you to experience longer and deeper dives, wall dives as well as spectacular drift snorkels as you float alongside an unexplored coral reef with the bowline of your kayak in hand.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).jpg

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)


The Caribbean sea in Belize is the perfect place for stand-up paddleboarding.  Much like surfing, SUP, you stand high above the water-line paddling the protected areas of the reef.  It is an amazing experience gazing through crystal-clear water, skimming over coral reefs, and fish darting out under-foot, as you paddle along.  An experience truly not to be missed.






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