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Connecting with locals in Latin America

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Genuine connection with local cultures and communities has always been one of the purposes of trips designed by ATLAS’ travel companies. We believe that forming personal bonds with people that connect you to the human experiences unique to each destination leads to fond and lasting memories.

Latin Americans are open and welcoming people and naturally facilitate connection between travelers and hosts. From North to South, our communities embrace rich and diverse cultures, which begin with the indigenous peoples but also include many other traditions, old and new.

Community-based tourism in Latin America has emerged as a powerful tool for sustainable development, allowing local communities to actively participate in the tourism industry while preserving their cultural heritage and natural resources.

We invite you to experience some of the amazing human connections that Latin America offers!

Salta's Authentic Rural Experience

Visit an authentic rural community in Salta, Argentina. Discover the essence of local life as you engage with twelve unique communities nestled in the picturesque Calchaquí Valley. You can choose from half-day or full-day options, including activities like farming, artistry, exploring archeological sites and local cuisine. This will contribute to community projects, such as the installation of solar panels to clean water. Become a local for a day, enhancing your travel by this immersive experience. Click here to learn more about this tour!

Candombe Experience in Uruguay

Experience Uruguay's vibrant culture with Fernando "Lobo" Nuñez, an esteemed luthier and percussionist. Unveil the captivating history of Candombe music and its ties to Carnival traditions. Step into Nuñez's studio, where the secrets of Carnival's origins during slavery come alive, immersing you in Uruguay's progressive spirit. This cultural exchange grants exclusive access to the enchanting world of Uruguayan drums, forging a personal bond with the country's rich traditions and captivating history. Contact us for more information:

Belize Culture Festivals

Fill your senses with the sights, sounds and tastes of Belize's amazing culture. November 19 is Garifuna Settlement Day and all through the December holidays our tours connect you with traditional music, street drumming, dancing and storytelling. Towns and Villages are humming with colourful costumes and traditional food. Combine time on a tropical island, snorkel the reefs and then take in this vibrant fun culture time. Start here to see all Belize Holiday tours.

Meeting Local Communities in Brazil

See Brazil through the eyes of its local people and experience an authentic cultural exchange. Visit community schools and cultural projects in Salvador and in Maraú Peninsula, while you engage with the residents. In Rio, learn the real way of life in the favela and get to know environmental and social projects born in the community. And, of course, enjoy the nature and beauty of these destinations. Click to learn more about this experience!

Local Community Encounters in Galapagos

Taking a Galapagos land base program opens an authentic opportunity to understand and appreciate Galapagos culture finding connection and directly supporting the local people of the islands, get to know about the stories of the families part of the first settlers in the islands, share with local fishermen that are now outstanding naturalist guides or savor best creole locally sourced food prepared by cooks that have integrated a blend of recipes from the continent highlands and coastal regions.

Local Immersion in Peru

At Amazonas Explorer, we have worked hard to ensure that local people are able to flourish alongside our business- and we have spent many years working with the Lares community to provide them with everything from photocopy machines, laptops, and even helping to build stoves and, of course, plant trees. Thanks to this consistent work we can provide one of- if not the- most authentic, inspired, and integrated Lares Trek. A hike between communities, each ready to welcome the group with open arms.

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