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Travel experiences that shed light on powerful women

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

ATLAS was created with the aim of bringing together experienced companies that are specialists in active travel in their countries and that share the same values: commitment to safety and quality of service and offering memorable itineraries that respect and have positive impacts on people, cultures and places.

This Women’s Month, we recognize that women have been playing a crucial role in the tourism industry. However, we’re still far from achieving gender equity in the sector. According to the Global Report on Women in Tourism – Second Edition, published by the UNWTO, in 2019, women make up 54% of the workforce employed in tourism but they earn 14,7% less. Recognizing the importance of women in tourism is not only a matter of gender equality but also a strategic move for the industry's growth and success. Promoting gender equality, supporting women's leadership and entrepreneurship and creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all women are key to having more diverse and innovative products and services, better customer experiences, and a more resilient, responsible and sustainable industry.

We have gathered some transformative experiences led by great women in our countries below.

Travels with women in Guyana

Explore Guyana, discovering many of its cultural, wildlife, scenic, culinary and community highlights in the company of a group of like-minded women travelers. This women-only group tour is escorted by a local female guide and visits many of Guyana’s highlights as we meet some of Guyana’s strongest female personalities in conservation, tourism and indigenous community development. Most of the lodges you will visit are managed by women. Visit our website to learn more about this tour.

Talented women of our Andes

Experience Ecuador's rich cultural diversity through the eyes of empowered local women that lead different tourism-related companies that contribute as the main economic source of their families and that also are key to preserving Ecuadorian Communities' ancestral traditions, wisdom and artisanal work. As we travel through our Andean Villages, get inspired by the fine embroidery art of Zuleta women community or get marveled at the weaving art of "Luzmila" in Peguche and the Andean scenes captured on her weaving and rugs. Click here to learn more.

Hike to the Rocha Lagoon

Our day begins with a hike along the coast followed by a boat tour to the semi-freshwater Rocha Lagoon, which has an outlet to the sea and constitutes a bird paradise with 220 species like the migratory waders, Flamingos, Swans, Herons and storks. The experience ends with lunch at “Cocina de La Barra”, a small local restaurant managed by the wives of the fishermen. Meet Beatriz and her amazing team of women, learn about the local way of life and enjoy their delicious fresh fish! Click here to learn more.

Visiting artisan leaders in the Pantanal

In our new itinerary through the incredible region of Serra do Amolar, in the Pantanal, we have the delightful opportunity to visit the community of Barra do São Lourenço, where bait fishers decided to create the Association of Women Artisans of the Barra do São Lourenço Traditional Community to strengthen and promote their water hyacinth straw handicrafts as income alternative for families in the region. There's nothing like sitting down to a freshly brewed coffee and chatting with these leaders who are passionate about where they live. Click here to learn more about our trip.

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Photo: Amazonas Explorer

Women first in Peru

In the male led industry of trekking and guiding in Peru, the women in Amazonas Explorer are charging ahead. You can enjoy one of the first ever women only Inca Trail experiences with our team of female porters working alongside our exceptional female guides. Just ask one of our sales team for an all female team while booking your trip.

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