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Where to go glamping in Latin America

Glamping, a luxurious fusion of camping and glamour, has found a vibrant and enchanting home in the heart of Latin America. Nestled amidst the beach coconut groves of Brazil or perched on the majestic Andean slopes of Peru, glamping sites in this region offer travelers a unique opportunity to connect with nature without sacrificing comfort. Imagine waking up to the symphony of tropical birds in a lavish, fully furnished safari tent, or sleeping under the starry sky of the Caribbean atolls in Belize.


In Latin America, glamping experiences are as diverse as the landscapes themselves. Visitors can indulge in the tranquil serenity of the Amazonian jungle or immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of the Andes, staying in charming yurts surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Beyond the luxurious accommodations, glamping in Latin America offers a gateway to authentic cultural encounters and thrilling adventures, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Learn more about amazing glamping experiences in our countries!

Bolivia Glamping Experience

Our glamping experience goes beyond the conventional by taking travelers to places where few have ventured. We provide an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the rugged beauty of the world's most remote and pristine environments while ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury. These are not your standard camping trips; they are carefully curated journeys for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and those who value sustainable travel.

Peruvian Canyon Glamping

We can craft exceptional glamping experiences almost anywhere your legs can carry you. Whether that's at forgotten ancient temples perched atop a canyon, or thousands of feet down on beaches on the shores of the same canyon, we can make sure that the need for a comfortable night's sleep won't impede your activities on your adventure to the heart of Peru. Just ask us at the time of booking for our glamping option, and enjoy three course meals, beds and linen, and even hand blended crushed ice, ready for a cool cocktail at camp.

Glamping in Brazil

Brazil holds real glamping gems for those seeking refuge in nature with comfort and incredible experiences: Parador in the South, Baía das Caraúbas and Rancho do Peixe in the Northeast, Korubo Safari and Juma Amazon Lodge in the North, and many others. Experiences are always immersed in nature, such as hiking, rafting, canoeing, kite surfing, horseback riding, and visits to local communities.

Belize Island Glamping

Our two island basecamps are tropical perfect and the ideal location to be active all day while being beach side and wilderness comfortable all night. Glovers Reef Atoll and Lighthouse Reef Atoll Marine Reserves are Unesco designated and offer some of the World's best sea kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, scuba and stand up paddling. Throw in some natural history and spice things up with some Caribbean culture ... its the perfect vacation for the true adventure seeker.

Esquel Glamping Paradise

Experience the ultimate glamping adventure at Reserva los Huemules in Esquel, Argentina. Their private domes offer a perfect blend of comfort and nature in the heart of Patagonia. With queen-size beds, full bathrooms, and stunning forest views, this is an experience like no other. Explore 6,200 hectares of pristine Andean Forests with countless circuits for outdoor activities and immerse yourself in the Patagonian wilderness. Discover the harmony of nature and comfort in Esquel. Learn more here.

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