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Back in time – archeology, history and geology experiences in Latin America

Latin America boasts a rich tapestry of archaeological and geological wonders that span millennia of human history and geological evolution. The region's archaeological treasures hold invaluable insights into the cultures that flourished long before the arrival of Europeans. From the enigmatic ruins of Machu Picchu, a testament to the Inca Empire, to the hidden caves where the Maya celebrated their rituals in Belize, Latin America holds an enthralling history.

Beneath the surface of Latin America's striking landscapes lies a geological saga that mirrors the dynamic forces shaping the planet. The region is a mosaic of tectonic interactions, volcanic activity, and diverse rock formations, which play a profound role in shaping its ecosystems, climate, and natural resources.

Archaeology, history and geology converge in Latin America to offer a multidimensional understanding of its past and present. Although abundant nature is often the main motivation for adventures and trips to Latin America, it’s almost impossible not to come across fascinating historical and archaeological elements that tell us about other times.

Guyana's Museum of Anthropology

The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology was the first museum of anthropology in the English-speaking Caribbean and was founded with the aim of keeping the legacy of Guyana’s Indigenous people alive. The museum contains a wealth of historic information and artefacts and houses an ethnographic collection of the Wai Wai, one of the nine indigenous tribes found in Guyana as well as excavated artefacts from all of the ten Administrative Regions. Visit the museum along with other historical sites during a Georgetown City Tour. Click here to learn more.

Archeology, History & Peru

Archeology and history are practically synonymous with Peru. Anyone who is interested in history has this incredible country on their radar. More than just Machu Picchu, Peru is a hive of ancient civilizations just waiting to be discovered - from the mysterious ruins of Chan Chan and Kuelap in the north, to the famous Nazca and Paracas Cultures of the southern coast. Peru is a country that demands to be seen to be believed, so contact us today to find out exactly how we can show you the historic underbelly of this incredible country.

Historical Cities of Minas Gerais

Marked by the gold cycle, slavery and revolutionary ideals such as the Inconfidência Mineira, the Historical Cities of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, hold relics like the Baroque Art which are known worldwide for the works of Aleijadinho and Ataíde, displayed in the churches and colonial houses around the towns, like in Tiradentes. Some cities such as Diamantina and Ouro Preto, have received the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity due to their relevant importance throughout history.

Belize Maya Underworld,

Be sure to add some time deep underground to your Belize journey. Descend into the Ancient Maya Underworld and our huge network of caves filled with eerie ceremonial ritual, superstition and ceremony. Discover the natural limestone caverns beaming with all the natural geological formations, but step cautiously around the sacred altars of offerings, Mayan pottery and the skeletal remains of the victims of sacrifice. Private 1, 2 and 3 day add-ons work seamlessly with any Belize tour.

Andean Odyssey: Argentina

Embark on a captivating 5-day Andean journey in Argentina. Discover ancient ruins at Shincal de Quimivil and Quilmes, unraveling echoes of the past. Visit UNESCO-listed Ischigualasto and Talampaya parks, where triassic landscapes and red rock formations paint nature's masterpiece. Immerse in local culture, by knowing the legend of Difunta Correa. Traverse six provinces, each with a rich chapter in history, revealing hidden treasures and cultural wonders. Memories for a lifetime await.

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