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Culinary tourism: the best experiences for foodies in Latin America

Latin America offers an unparalleled culinary journey that delights the senses with its bold flavors, unique ingredients, and diverse cooking techniques. Our vibrant gastronomy is inspired by a rich history of indigenous traditions, colonial influences, and a modern flair for innovation.


Culinary tours in Latin America offer an immersive experience that goes beyond tasting food; they provide a deep dive into the culture and traditions of the region. Travelers can embark on wine tours in Chile's renowned vineyards, savoring world-class wines while learning about the winemaking process, or join walking tours in Buenos Aires to experience its diverse street food.


Foodies will find an incredible gastronomic scene in Latin America, with visits to traditional farms, local markets, home kitchens, and restaurants by renowned chefs, offering an authentic taste of the region's culinary heritage and fostering a deeper appreciation for its diverse gastronomic landscape.


Discover some delectable gastronomic experiences in Latin America!

Belize Culinary Tours

At the Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef Basecamps, meals feature a delightful array of fresh fish and local cuisine, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Belize. Guests enjoy dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, including seafood and tropical fruits. The menus are designed to offer a blend of Belizean flavors and international favorites, providing a delicious and culturally immersive dining experience.

Flavors of Brazil

Discover Pure Brasil's tailormade culinary tours, immersing foodies in Brazil's rich heritage. Enjoy Amazonian indigenous cooking, Northeast coastal dishes, and Minas Gerais coffee and cachaça. Join a community class in Salvador, a tropical cooking experience in Rio, prepare a refined dinner in Paraty, and attend a kitchen show in Foz do Iguaçu. Committed to sustainable, responsible tourism, our exclusive itineraries highlight nature, culture, and community, avoiding mass tourism. Experience transformative journeys supporting local economies and conservation. Check our Flavors of Brazil.

Miske Ancestral Drink

In the country of the four worlds, an agave is born with unique characteristics. The agave synthesizes light to generate an elixir that the native peoples called Miske. It was identified as a sacred drink that was even said to be like ingesting life itself. This is the first drink with a designation of origin in Ecuador. Local producers are 95% indigenous women, who dedicate themselves to this way of life. Taste this intangible heritage experience with Neotropic Expeditions.

Buenos Aires Flavors

Discover Buenos Aires through a walking gastronomic tour that celebrates its diverse street food. Sample iconic dishes like choripan, empanadas, pizza al molde, and artisanal ice cream, each reflecting the city's rich culinary heritage influenced by immigration and local traditions. Join our expert guide for this 3-hour tour, savoring Argentina’s favorite flavors while exploring its vibrant streets. Experience why Buenos Aires is a top gastronomic destination chosen by millions of tourists and chefs worldwide.

Peru Farm-to-Table Experience

Our fully customizable farm-to-table experience was inspired by Gordon Ramsay's epic journey through Peru, which our head of sales, Maria Fernanda Sanchez Salazar helped organize. This 10-day foodie adventure is designed to immerse travelers in a very sensory experience. Combining all the "must-see" sites with majestic Andean landscapes, local traditions and culinary delights, it's the perfect way to visit Peru and learn about its amazing food. Contact Maria Fernanda at for detailed information regarding our various amazing culinary journeys throughout Peru.

Chilean Wine Tasting

Indulge in Chile's culinary treasure — its wine! Just a short distance from the capital, Santiago, explore numerous wine regions on foot, by bike, or even on horseback. From the charming Colchagua Valley to the Casablanca Valley and the Maipo Valley, vineyards offer tours and tastings, unveiling the secrets of their winemaking process. Perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway!

Guyana’s Market Tour

Thanks to its rich cultural diversity, Guyana has some of the most amazing food available. Explore the busy Bourda Market with Chef Delven discovering and tasting local exotic fruits, vegetables and snacks. After a tour of the city, head to the Backyard Cafe for a delicious lunch made from produce purchased in the market. Chef Delven specializes in Guyanese cuisine, seeing it as a way of honouring and preserving Guyanese culture. He strives to use only local ingredients, sourcing them from his neighbourhood and local markets.

French Guiana’s La Goelette

Located in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana, La Goelette is a quirky restaurant known for its unique setting on a converted boat, offering breathtaking views of the Maroni River and Suriname on the other bank. The restaurant serves a variety of cuisines from around the world, with a focus on fresh seafood, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Suriname’s Torcuisine Chef’s Table

Surinamese cuisine blends a wide variety of cultures, flavors, and culinary backgrounds. Torarica’s Executive Head Chef and his team will prepare a modern, seasonal menu inspired by the best fresh, seasonal ingredients that Suriname has to offer. Each dish is carefully sculptured around exceptional flavors and plated as a work of art. Beautifully designed with luxurious detail, The Chefs' Table offers gracious hospitality and served in a private cabana by the poolside and gardens of the Torarica Resort. 

Uruguay’s Diverse Gastronomy

Uruguay offers an array of delectable culinary experiences for foodies. Visit bustling Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo to savor tender parilla (grilled meats) and regional fare, and indulge in world-class Tannat wines while touring scenic vineyards and meeting passionate winemakers like Manuel Filgueira. Explore Jose Igancio's lively beach scene and chic restaurants serving locally sourced seafood, including the creations of celebrity chef Francis Mallmann, and immersive cooking classes that will teach you fire-cooking techniques. Sip on the national drink, mate, and visit rural areas to taste artisanal cheeses, fresh produce, and award-winning extra virgin olive oil at family-owned farms. Uruguay's diverse gastronomy provides an unforgettable treat for the senses.

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