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Unique festivals and celebrations in Latin America

Latin America is renowned for its vibrant and diverse traditional festivals and celebrations, which reflect our region's cultural heritage and history. These events showcase the richness and syncretism of cultures that have endured for centuries, celebrating indigenous and traditional peoples.


The longest carnival party in the world, in Uruguay, one of the most famous and diverse carnivals, in Brazil, the Inca celebration of the Sun God, in Peru, the event that honors the rich heritage of the Garifuna people, in Belize, or the colorful Fiesta de La Tirana, held in northern Chile, are special and magical moments to visit these countries.


We invite you to learn more about these unique celebrations!

Celebrating Diversity in Uruguay

Uruguay boasts a vibrant cultural scene with several notable festivals and celebrations. Carnival, the country's most significant event, showcases vibrant parades, music, and dancing including the great “Llamadas” Parade where you can rent a balcony and enjoy local cuisine from local families while enjoying the local Candombe rhythm. The Jose Ignacio International Film Festival showcases the passion for movies and cinematography including workshops for kids and adults. The Harvest Festival in Carmelo, brings together renowned winemakers and wineries during the harvest season. And, the Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha honors rural traditions with equestrian shows and gaucho competitions. Uruguay's festivals offer an immersive experience into the country's diverse cultural tapestry.

Inti Raymi Cusco

Every year on June 24th, the beating heart of the Andean cultural tapestry comes to life in a vibrant display of reverence for the Sun God during the Inti Raymi festival. Within the streets of Cusco's historic centre, a captivating spectacle unfolds. Over 800 performers, adorned in traditional attire, weave a mesmerizing mosaic of dance, music, and ritual. From the sacred precincts of Qorikancha temple to the majestic esplanades of Sacsayhuaman Fortress, the essence of Inca culture is vividly revived in this 600 -year-old celebration that transcends time.

Carnaval in Brazil!

Experience Brazil in its most vibrant form during Carnival! Embrace the rhythm, colors, and joy that make this celebration unparalleled. From the samba-filled streets of Rio to the powerful beats of Salvador, let Pure Brasil guide you through tailor-made itineraries crafted to immerse you deeply in this unforgettable cultural extravaganza while ensuring responsible and sustainable travel. Don't just witness; become a part of Brazil's soulful festivity.

Garifuna Settlement Day, Belize

Garifuna Settlement Day in Dangriga, Belize, celebrated on November 19th, honors the rich heritage of the Garifuna people, marking their arrival to Belize in 1832. This vibrant festival features traditional music, drumming, dance, and a reenactment of the Garifuna's landing. Participants, dressed in yellow, black and white, share their culture through food, storytelling, and ceremonies. It's a profound expression of identity, resilience, and community, drawing locals and tourists alike into an immersive cultural experience.

Fiesta De La Tirana Em Chile

Experience the vibrant spectacle of 'Fiesta de la Tirana'! Held annually on July 16th in northern Chile, this religious celebration showcases impressive costumes, colorful masks, and fantastic dance performances. As thousands of dancers and pilgrims flood the streets of the small town of La Tirana, they pay homage to Virgen del Carmen. For photographers and travelers, it's a chance to immerse in Chilean tradition while exploring the landscapes of the country's north.

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