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Latin America’s less-traveled routes

Latin America boasts a plethora of less-traveled routes that beckon adventurous souls seeking to veer off the beaten path and discover hidden gems. At ATLAS, we love exploring these yet to be discovered remote regions and introducing them to trailblazers.


Consider venturing into the rarely-visited areas of Cusco’s Southern Valley to unveil the charms of the Inca world on the off-the-beaten-path Waqrapukara Trek. Or head into the heart of the largest flooded plain on the planet in Brazil to enjoy the rich animal diversity on board an exclusive cruise. Or, in Ecuador, walk an epic trail that crosses from the Andes into the Amazon.


These less-traveled routes offer intrepid explorers the chance to embrace the authenticity of our beloved Latin America, immersing themselves into untouched beauty and rich cultural diversity. We hope they spark your curiosity!

Peru's Newest Trek

A mere 3 hour from Cusco, lies a stunning, little known Inca site, perched high above the Apurimac Canyon at 4100 metres. Its name means “The Horned Fortress''. Our 2 days/1-night Waqrapukara Trek is a must for anyone wanting to visit a stunning archaeological site before it is discovered by the crowds. Camping close to the ruins, under the star-filled Andean sky, this is a truly spectacular option to see a hidden jewel of Peru. Contact for more information.

Epic Trek of The Andes and Amazon

This epic adventure follows some of Ecuador’s best off-the-beaten trails through national parks, nature reserves and remote landscapes, while you enjoy quality accommodations and authentic cuisine in colonial haciendas and eco-lodges. Discover an extraordinary array of environments as you hike through vast landscapes full of wildlife and wonder, experiencing seven ecosystems in seven days. Learn about the rich history and culture of Ecuador’s indigenous tribes during fascinating Kichwa Amazon community visits. Click here to learn more about the Epic Trek of the Andes and Amazon.

Explore Belize’s Ultimate Adventure

The Ultimate Adventure in Belize is a 10-day excursion featuring kayaking on the Moho River through rainforests, snorkeling in Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, and stays in remote locations like the Southern Maya Mountains and Southwest Caye. It includes visits to secluded Mayan villages, offering an immersive experience in Belize's less-traveled natural wonders and indigenous cultures.

North Pantanal Cruise

An exclusive cruise navigates along the Paraguay and Cuiabá rivers, in a comfortable vessel with 7 cabins only, exploring four different Nature Reserves: The Taiaman Ecological Reserve, the Pantanal National Park, the Meeting of the Waters State Park, and the Transpantaneira Park Road in search of its fascinating and rich wildlife as the elusive jaguar, the giant river otters, the caimans and thousands of diverse birds that compose the wildest South American Sanctuary. North-South | South-North

Chile’s Southernmost Trek

Welcome to the southernmost city on Earth, Puerto Williams! This small city (less than 2,000 inhabitants) is the starting point of the "Navarino's Teeth" ("los Dientes de Navarino"), the southernmost trek on Earth. The Navarino's Teeth were named for the jagged pinnacles resembling teeth. Hiding through these mountains is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor experiences in Patagonia, with remote valleys and stunning mountains at the end of the world. Click to learn more.

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