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Regenerative adventure experiences for​ 2024

Updated: Apr 3

In 2023 we have faced unexpected climate-related emergencies in different parts of the world. More than ever, promoting responsible, conscious and, above all, regenerative travel is essential for tourism to remain a vital activity for the global economy, become climate resilient and effectively generate positive social and environmental impacts.


As ecotourism and adventure tourism enthusiasts, we at ATLAS believe that these transformative experiences can also be regenerative and positive for the destinations that welcome us. Our commitment to restoring and enhancing the well-being of both the environment and local communities are part of our purpose and the itineraries that we design.


Whether through responsible wildlife encounters, conservation-focused activities, choosing eco-friendly accommodations, planting trees or supporting local community projects, we invite travelers to make their vacation more than just fun, but an experience of harmonious relationships between people and the planet.


We’ve gathered some amazing regenerative adventure experiences, from Belize to Chile, to inspire your 2024 itineraries!

Connecting Travelers with Patagonia

EcoCamp Patagonia aims to connect travelers emotionally with Patagonia's pristine nature to enhance conservation. The geodesic hotel in Torres del Paine National Park invites every traveler to take part in the daily "ecotour" to discover the efforts of sustainability. Travelers are invited to get involved in local projects of conservation through the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund. The hotel promotes the practice of yoga and sound healing to connect with nature and organizes talks at night in the bar dome with conservationists, photographers and adventurers.

Boutique Sustainable Retreat

Situated in Ushuaia, the Tierra de Leyendas hotel stands as a beacon of both charm and sustainability. Owners Maia and Sebas spearhead initiatives, ranging from plastic recycling to energy conservation. Through their organization, "A limpiar Ushuaia," they actively participate in city and forest clean-up campaigns while advocating for environmental legislation. Inspired by local legends, the hotel is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the region. Tierra de Leyendas seamlessly integrates comfort with conscientious living. Click to learn more.

Regenerative Travel Belize

Island Expeditions' Ultimate Adventure trip in Belize offers an immersive, eco-conscious experience. This journey aligns with regenerative travel principles through its commitment to preserving Belize's unique ecosystems and cultural heritage. Participants enjoy activities like snorkeling in pristine reefs, kayaking through mangroves, descending remote rainforest rivers, and exploring ancient Mayan ruins, all conducted with a focus on minimal environmental impact. The trip also includes interactions with local communities, fostering cultural exchange and supporting sustainable local economies. This adventure allows travelers to actively participate in conservation efforts, such as beach clean-ups or wildlife monitoring, making it a quintessential example of how tourism can aid in the regeneration and protection of Belize's natural and cultural treasures.

Apurimac Rafting Trip Peru

From ensuring our porters are fairly paid to contributing to environmental and community projects across the country, we do it right. One of our absolutely favorite trips is our 4-Day Apurimac Rafting Trip. Guests can lose themselves deep in the canyon, collecting driftwood for campfires and spending the days floating down the river. This trip has minimal contact with the outside world, and once you're on the river, you can truly lose yourself in nature, guided by locals.

Ibiti Project Brazil

Ibiti is an experimental socio-environmental project located in the state of Minas Gerais acting in reforestation, rewilding of native flora and fauna, engaging the local communities and investing in the economic sustainability of the region. It aims to create a harmonic relationship between human beings and nature with the least impact possible. Natural attractions, personalized tours, art installations, charming spas, and immersion circuits in nature are an invitation to delight and connect with oneself.

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